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Note that all registration fees are due at the time of application.  If you cannot bring your completed registration form by our facility, Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:15pm, please mail it to our Lookout Mountain office.  We are CLOSED ON FRIDAYS and no one is at our facility at First Alliance Church on Fridays.  Of note, once classes are over (May 18), our main office, over the summer, is out of our home on Lookout Mountain.

Once you have read over our philosophyparent partnership, and guidelines and feel like the things said are in cohesive relation with what you are doing in your home, you can fill out a registration application. This year’s registration will begin on Monday, April 10th and will end in late August. Of note, we encourage you to register in the months of April to June, since classes fill up fairly quickly. Registration fees are due with your registration application. Within 2-3 weeks of receiving your registration, we will send you an acceptance/denial letter or call you if we have any questions. The acceptance letter (containing expectations, regulations, textbook information, and a calendar of events) will only be issued once your registration form has been processed and accepted.

In order to serve all of our families to the fullest and maximize the possibility that all students receive their choice courses, we give priority course placement to returning students, students taking multiple classes, students with sibling schedules that need to be coordinated, earliest registrants and eldest registrants.  Please understand that we may accept your student into a different section of a course for which you have applied, if necessary, for above-mentioned reasons.